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Updated on 01.09.2020

Stud Service Agreement for IKC / FCI / AKC / CKC mattings
Name of Stud Dog:AZZA AZZA AZZA                                                                                  

Name of Bitch: 

I. Definitions.
Bitch means the female dog described above. Delivery means the date bitch is delivered to owner of stud dog for mating. Live birth means at least one puppy is born to bitch as a result of this mating and survives for at least 72 hours.
means Irish Kennel Club
AKC means American Kennel Club
CKC means Canadian Kennel Club

Stud dog means the male dog described above.

II. Consideration.
1. Bitch owner agrees to pay a Stud fee of
€_______ for the privilege of breeding the bitch described above to the stud dog described above.
2. This fee includes the cost of board for the first week the bitch is at SouthView Veterinary Hospital. Thereafter, bitch owner shall pay €10 per day or partial day bitch remains with stud dog owner or SoutView vets unless otherwise agreed in writing.

3. This fee does NOT include the cost of transporting the bitch by the stud dog owner or the Veterinary Hospital, but included all AI and progesterone testing for the matting.

4. Payment is due in full on or before delivery of bitch to owner of stud dog or on drop of at the SouthView Veterinary Hospital to the Reproductive Veterinary Doctor. Any health related costs to the bitch incurred during the course of the mating shall be paid by bitch owner prior to return of bitch.

III. Bitch Owner's agreements.
1. Bitch owner warrants this bitch is free of any communicable disease at time of delivery. Bitch owner shall provide a certificate signed by a qualified veterinarian no more than two weeks before delivery for mating certifying the bitch is clear of brucellosis or other sexually transmitted diseases if the bitch owner specifically requests natural over AI matting. Bitch owner agrees to abide by the
IKC irish kennel Club Code of Ethics.
2. Bitch owner warrants this bitch is free of any known hereditary defect at time of mating. Bitch owner shall provide a copy of the bitch's online pedigree or IKC/FCI/ICC/AKC/CKC etc registrations. In addition, bitch owner will provide the following health documentation:
  • Eye tests results
  • Heart test results

3. Bitch owner agrees to deliver bitch to stud dog owner between day 7 and 10 of bitch’s heat cycle and leave bitch with stud dog owner until ovulation occurs unless other arrangements are made with stud dog owner prior.

4. Bitch owner will provide any special instructions in writing and necessary medication or special food in sufficient quantity for bitch’s stay with stud dog owner.

5. Bitch owner warrants the bitch has not been bred to any other male dog during the current heat cycle and will take utmost care to insure she is not bred to any other male after mating with stud dog. If a mismate occurs, bitch owner shall promptly notify stud dog owner and take necessary steps after veterinary advice to terminate the pregnancy. If a mismate occurs, bitch owner forfeits all fees paid to stud dog owner and stud dog owner shall not sign litter registration for puppies which may have resulted from this mating.

6. Bitch owner agrees to pay cost of transporting bitch to and from stud dog owner or SouthView veterinary Hospital Clonmel. If bitch is transported via an independent ground or air transporter, all fees and liability of the animal are associated with their service.

7. If stud dog owner determines artificial insemination is necessary to protect the health or safety of either dog or to accomplish a satisfactory mating, bitch Owner shall reimburse stud dog owner for all costs incurred for such artificial insemination such as surgical procedures and release a signed form that such procedure is prefered.

8. In an emergency, after reasonable effort, stud dog owner cannot locate bitch owner in the case of an emergency, the signature of the bitch owner below hereby authorizes stud dog owner to take whatever actions our authorized Veterinarian recommends to maintain the health of the bitch.

9. Bitch owner agrees to reimburse stud dog owner for any other veterinary care stud dog owner determines is necessary for the health and safety of the bitch or to insure a satisfactory mating including, but not limited to, vaginal smears or necessary medications.

10. Bitch owner shall reimburse stud dog owner any expenses described above prior to return of bitch to bitch owner.

11. Bitch owner agrees to place puppies resulting from this mating in appropriate, sound and secure homes and shall not release puppies to new owners until they are at least ten weeks of age under FCI / AKC ot twelve weeks of age under ICC.

12. Any puppies bitch owner places in pet homes shall be placed on limited registration with IKC if the litter is IKC registered. Puppies which bitch owner places as performance or breeding prospects shall have written agreements from each puppy buyer. Bitch owner agrees to promptly furnish copies of these signed agreements if stud dog owner requests.

13. Bitch owner agrees no puppies produced by this mating shall be sold to or offered for sale through a pet shop, brokerage service, or dealer in dogs, pet farms, puppy farms, Donedeal webportals or sold on auctions on social media sites. Bitch owner shall pay stud dog owner the sum of €500 per puppy produced or €5000, whichever is greater, if bitch owner violates this section as reasonable compensation for damage to stud dog owner's reputation and devaluation of bloodline.

14. If stud dog owner so requests, bitch owner agrees to provide stud dog owner a list of all puppy buyers which shall include the full name of the buyer and phone number. Each puppy shall be identified by ICC/IKC number and name, if known, and indicate whether placed on limited or full registration.

15. Bitch owner agrees to comply with the conditions of this Stud Service Agreement. If Bitch owner fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, bitch owner shall forfeit all money paid to stud dog owner for this mating. Bitch owner shall also pay such sums as stud dog owner may incur, including but not limited to, attorney fees and court costs, to enforce conditions of this stud service agreement.

IV. Puppy Back to Stud dog Owner. If this section is initialed, stud owner shall have first right of refusal to first pick puppy from litter resulting from this mating. Bitch owner agrees first pick means stud dog owner’s pick at the age of seven to eight weeks and before any puppies have been placed with any person. If stud dog owner opts to take first pick puppy from this litter, stud owner shall pay bitch owner the cost of the stud fee for the puppy. Upon receiving said money from stud dog owner, bitch owner shall promptly give stud dog owner full individual registration for such puppy.

Stud Owner ________________ Bitch Owner _________________

V. Stud Dog Owner's agreements.
1. Stud dog owner agrees to abide by the IKC Irish Kennel Club Code of Ethics.
2. If, for any reason, stud dog owner determines the bitch should not be bred to this stud dog, stud dog owner shall return the bitch prior to first mating and any stud fee paid by bitch owner for this stud service shall be promptly returned to bitch owner. Fees will be returned minus €15/day for each day or partial day bitch is boarded with stud dog owner plus any expenses incurred as described in Section III.6, III.7, and III.9.

3. Stud dog owner warrants this stud dog is free of any communicable disease at time of mating.

4. Stud owner warrants this stud dog is free of any known hereditary defect at time of mating. Stud dog owner shall provide a copy of the stud dog's pedigree, ICC / IKC registration and health certificates listed in section III.2 above to bitch owner at or before delivery. Stud dog owner shall provide a copy of the veterinarian report certifying the dog free of the genetic diseases noted above if the stud dog's records have not yet been certified by the appropriate agencies.
5. Stud dog owner agrees to bring both dogs together for mating on a schedule determined by owner of stud dog, but in no event less than two attempted matings will be made during bitch's heat cycle. 6. If this mating results in no live birth or in a live birth of two or fewer puppies, bitch owner may have the same bitch bred to the same Stud dog at the bitch’s next heat cycle without additional stud fee.
Expenses described in III.6, III.7, and III.9 shall be paid by bitch owner. No refund of stud fee will be made if no live birth occurs from either mating.
7. Stud dog owner shall not return bitch to bitch owner until the stud fee and all reimbursable expenses due stud dog owner have been paid in full. In event bitch remains with stud dog owner due to non-payment of monies due stud dog owner at the time of birth of litter, bitch owner shall forfeit ownership of the litter to stud dog owner. 8. Stud dog owner shall not sign completed IKC litter notification papers until puppies resulting from this mating are at least twelve days old and stud dog owner has seen the puppies or photos of all of the puppies.

We have read, reviewed and understand the above conditions of sale and agree to all the terms of this stud service agreement.

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